Pavilion Project

Ballots are in the mail to vote to use CAP funds to build a pavilion next to the community building.  Your ballot contains additional information, cost, etc.  Ballots must be received prior to the June 13, 2018 meeting.  Alternatively, you can come to the meeting and cast your ballot there.

The photos below are representative of the type of pavilion being voted on.  Click here for larger pictures (.pdf file)

Everything you need to know about CAP
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Chickaloon Community Council

Chickaloon, Alaska

Summary of the Community Assistance Program (CAP) - formerly called Revenue Sharing

The State of Alaska Community Assistance Program provides funds each year to Alaska’s boroughs, cities, and unincorporated communities to cover basic public services. The funds can be used at the discretion of the community for any public purpose which will benefit the community. Projects are to be submitted to the Chickaloon Community Council CAP Committee for screening and subsequent presentation to community members. Projects will be voted on by the community, either at CCC meetings (for projects totally less than $2000) or twice a year by mail-in ballot vote. For more information about the Community Assistance Program, visit the State of Alaska’s webpage.

For CCC specific questions, concerns or comments, please contact CCC Chair James Ramsey. More information and applications can be found below. Project ideas can be submitted at any time.


CAP Application
(.pdf file)

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